Shop of Little Pleasures (2017)


Masked as a light-hearted comedy about a middle-aged woman who is getting divorced and needs to find a job to raise her two kids, this feature film deconstructs the ambivalent expectations of society towards a married woman and mother of today. Love, sexuality and parental responsibility as well as career advancement and self-empowerment are the topics this screenplay deals with and criticizes in a satirical way.










Film Noir Project (feature film)

Following up the tradition of Hollywood’s neo noir movies, this project plays with the expectations of the audience and uses the buzzword “noir” in its original meaning: Continuing the tradition of directors like Billy Wilder and Alfred Hitchcock this feature length film project presents a whodunnit-story with the appropriate amount of suspense combined with a razor-sharp satirical look at how the gender roles in these films are usually allocated.


The Day I Lost My Life (feature film)

A film about four very different characters living in one of the main capitals of the world, but actually leading a rather digital and therefore global life, until one day destiny pulls the plug and life, as they have known it, comes to an end. This film centers around the question how living, working and  communicating has changed through the digital revolution and shows four possible ways of how to live with the hydra called new media without losing the sense of reality.

Dandelion –  An unusual love story in an unsual time (feature film)

An elderly woman exposes her deepest secret to her grandson which saves him from committing suicide. This secret is about her love story with another woman that she had in a small town in England when she was in her twenties.
A side aspect of this movie is the topic “Female Genital Mutilation”, which was also done to western women, not for culture or religious reasons, but for medical reasons. It was very popular in Europe the 19th century where it was used to cure e.g. mental illnesses, hysteria or epilepsy. In the United States clitoridectomy was practiced (and paid by insurance companies) until the 1970s to ‘cure’ masturbation or homosexuality. This topic is embedded in a very sensitive way in a love story of two women who meet in England at a time where homosexuality was not legal.