creative team

Julia Frick, MA (founder, writing, directing, producing)
Film director and writer, educated in Vienna and Los Angeles with focus on writing, leading the actors and music. Julia has been working as writer, director and film producer in Austria, London and Los Angeles since 2001. After being selected as a Talent at Berlinale Film Festival in 2007, she graduated from University of Vienna 2012 and holds a master in cultural studies. Her short films have been invited to numerous Austrian and international film festivals and won several awards. It is Julia’s goal to tell stories by combining humor and wit.
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Mag.a Alice Frick, MA (writing, acting, producing)
As an alumna from University of Economy and Business Administration of Vienna, Alice also holds an MA from the renowned London University East 15 in International Acting. She has been performing as a stand up comedian since 2005 – starting in Austria and Germany (Quatsch Comedy Club), she went on to perform in Los Angeles (Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv) and London (Leicester Square), where she now hosts her own monthly stand up comedy show. Besides entertaining international audiences live on stage, it is Alice’s goal to raise empathy towards others by showing film audiences new perspectives on life and to improve conditions for women through films of this spirit.
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Mag.Sarah Bernhardt (writing, editing)
Since graduating from Vienna University (theatre, film and media studies), she has been working in Austria’s film industry and has learned her craft from scratch. She soon specialized in writing and editing, since both of them concentrate on storytelling. Placing scenes into optimal order and thinking outside the box to get fresh and exciting ideas are just two of her great qualities; persistance yet a relaxed, humourous perspective on the world make it a pleasure to work with her.

Marco Zimprich, aac (cinematography)
Born in 1971 in Curitiba/Brazil, educated in Austria and graduated from the American Film Institute (AFI) in the USA, he has contributed to more than 300 worldwide productions as DOP, director, producer and author of many Cinema Documentaries, Commercials, Music-Videos, Feature Films & TV Series; many of them award winners (Goldene Venus TV, Silberne Venus Cinema, Diagonale – Shorts on screen, Chicago Silver Plague Award, Best Film Saratov Film Festival and many more). His unique style of seeing the world and transferring stories into moving pictures make him an invaluable member of our team.

Michael Ehninger (music)
Living and working as a composer for moving pictures in Munich, Michael is also currently one of the producers of the famous Austrian pop band EAV. Michael has worked as composer on several of our short films as well as on behalf of our clients. Due to his broad knowledge and musical imagination he is able to create unique and unforgettable scores that are the perfect completion of a film’s atmosphere.

Emanuel Santer (design)
As a designer for web and graphic design, Emanuel has been a member of the creative team from the very beginning. He also works as a freelancer for several clients, being mostly sought after for his design of brands. Emanuel’s sophisticated eye and his playful, yet minimalistic approach make his DVD designs and film posters an attraction and a delight to look at – which is most important in a world dominated by pictures.

Lenore Eklund (editing)
Lenore is a film and video editor, currently residing in the rising film industry city of Portland, Oregon (USA). After working for Fox Television („American Dad“) in Los Angeles and editing numerous film and documentary projects in her spare time, she produced her own feature documentary „Time As Money“ about an alternative currency system spreading throughout the USA, called „timebanking“, which premiered in L.A. in fall 2013 and is now available on iTunes. Her huge understanding of dramaturgy and her fast, professional approach make it a delight to work with her.

Robert Strebl, MA (writing)
Despite graduating from University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Robert is working as a writer for film and TV. Since 1996 he has been writing numerous short stories, sketches and screenplays, developing a unique satirical way of writing. After joining Julia and Alice, some of his scripts were turned into surprisingly successful short films and won international awards. After realizing that criticism is much more accepted if audiences are allowed to laugh (about themselves), it is Robert’s goal to make movies that deal with social and human problems in a satirical way.
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Martin Kratochwil (music)
As a classically trained pianist, Martin lives and works in Vienna. He composes scores for theatre plays (Kosmos Theater Wien, Landestheater St. Pölten, etc.) as well as for music groups and solo artists like performer Eva D. and queer chanteuse Lucy McEvil. His area of activity comprises electronic and improvisational music as well as chansons and songs in the style of jazz, blues, rock and pop. Due to his unbelievable musical knowledge and exquisite taste it is a pleasure to work with him and – even more – enjoy his colorful and dynamic compositions.

Mark Eklund (sound editing)
Mark has toured the States as well as the world several times with different bands, before he changed sides and now works behind the sound board. After having worked as a sound editor for Fox Television („Family Guy“), he partnered with his wife Lenore Eklund and is now part of the producing team “This As That” of feature documentaries like „Time As Money“. Aside from that he keeps working as a sound editor on transcontinental film projects. Working with Mark means working in a relaxed but very fast way – which perfectly matches our way of working.